The Technology evolves every day and makes previous products obsolete, resulting in huge amounts of e-waste on the landfills. Myco is an approach to extend the word "smart technology", suggesting that smartness should be implemented in the whole lifecycle including the material choices. 
It is a little bluetooth speaker, where all non-electronic components except of the frame are made from mycelium material with different properties.  It serves the user for the average lifetime of a speaker and can then be disassembled into it’s components and the mycelium parts can be composted.

What is "smart"?
Myco expands the meaning of “smart” from a limitation to smart functions to a more holistic understanding of smart construction and material use. What if the materials technology was made of is alive, and would have a lifecycle, which would be aligned with the average use-time? Can the material use in products be smart as well, so it would degrade, when the product-lifecycle has reached an end?
Material as Organisms
Myco is the interpretation of an electronic product, which starts as a living organism and is grown into shape. Mycelium, which has a unique quality of transforming waste into a material without requiring a lot of energy is the base for components, which are aligned with the limited lifetime of the product.
Material tests
The project was based on a wide range of material tests to create a case with structural strength, find colouring options and ways how to manipulate the material.
Design for Dissasmbly
The design is made for disassembly to enable the reuse of electronic components which can be returned to their origin, while the other parts can be composted at home. ​​​​​​​

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