Different Suns
Different suns is an experiment which combines light and colour. It originated from the observation of how differently natural light shapes it’s surrounding depending on time and location. Light how we use it in our artificially created human habitat has lost the connection to nature. We look into artificial light most of our time.
 “Different suns” is a collection of objects, with which I explored different ways of experiencing light through movement and the shades of light throughout the day.

Colour and Time
The experience of light in our outdoors is very different. It is constantly changing in colour tone, saturation and brightness.
The first object is like a clock. The light changes depending on the time of the day.
Movement and Shadow
The movement of clouds, and the shadows, create a constant movement and influence how light is experienced outside.
The second object explores how the movement of shadows can be integrated into a lightsource.
Colour and Emotion
The colour of light creates different atmospheres. The third object, makes it possible to change the colour of light through a tactile interaction.

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