The Clay Pantry
Food waste is one of the great challenges, that nations are facing, which is contributing to climate change. 
The Clay Pantry proposes an alternative way for the storage of fruit and vegetables to avoid food waste. It  is a collection of objects tailored to the needs of different vegetable and fruit types. It has been inspired by traditional storing methods and which are applied to modern living scenarios. 

The Root Stool
The root stool is designed for root vegetables, which require a dry and dark storage location.
The Fruit Shelf
The fruit shelf fulfils the function of a fruit plate. Fruit can be stored on the wall, where it is not in the way and the shape dictates distance. It is a modular design, placed on a rail. This makes it possible for the user to combine them or separate them depending on the fruit which is stored.
The Tempered Box
The tempered box is the in between. It can be used on the kitchen table or the fridge, depending on what is stored. The benefit is, that it provides a cool humid climate when inside or outside of the fridge.
To teach the user how to store properly the seasonal table and the chemical properties are listed into two maps. The maps give the user the information of what to buy when and how to store it properly.
Watering Objects
All the objects cool through evaporation t of water through the porous Terracotta material. The objects act like plants they need to be watered in order to function.
The Process
The project was made during the Lockdown in London and therefore with limited resources. A hacked 3D-printer made prototyping possible.

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